WebWatcher Monitoring Software Review

webwatcherIf you need to monitor someone’s computer actitivies discreetly and with ease, then you will want to consider WebWatcher from AwarenessTech.

This outstanding software works completely in stealth mode and can record everything that happens on any computer and then it gives you access to all the data remotely from anywhere in the world!

It is extremely easy to setup and use. The developers have taken special care to ensure this software is simple to use for any user – no matter the skill level. If you need to monitor someone’s computer activities, you will have no problem using WebWatcher!

This outstanding software is great for anyone who wants to:

  • Monitor the online activities of teenagers and children to protect them from Internet predators.
  • Monitor the computer and Internet activities of a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse to see if he or she is cheating.
  • Monitor employees computer to usage to minimize loss of productivity due to Internet surfing or goofing off on the computer.

There are tons of uses for WebWatcher. You might need it to see what your kids are doing on MySpace or Facebook. Or maybe you want to see if your employees are viewing porographic materials at their workstations. No matter the need, this software can deliver the goods. Here are a few of the more popular uses for WebWatcher:

  • Record All Websites Visited on a Computer!
  • Block Any Websites that You Do Not Want Visited.
  • Take Screenshots of What is Happening on a Computer (in Real-Time!).
  • Record Instant Messages and Chat Sessions.
  • See All Emails Written and Received!
  • Filter Content and Sort all the Data.
  • Log Keystrokes Online and Offline (password capture).

In case you still do not undersand exactly how this software works, let’s discuss it some more. If you want to monitor a person’s computer activities you simply need to install WebWatcher on that person’s computer or laptop (the one they use for personal use). Once the program is installed, it will periodically take pictures of the computer screen and then upload these pictures to a website where you can logon and view them. An easy way to think of it is to consider WebWatcher to be like a Tivo or DVR and it records everything that happens on a computer and you can view it all online!


  • Why WebWatcher?

    • We like WebWatcher because of its remote access functionality and its overall ease of use. Once installed, you can login from anywhere and see real time data!
  • 100% Invisible Software

    • WebWatcher works in stealth mode so the person or persons you are monitoring will have no idea. It doesn't even appear in the computer registry, task manager, program or anywhere else someone would look. They will not find it!
  • Money-Back Guaranteed

    • AwarenessTech, the developer of WebWatcher, is so sure you will be completely satisified that they offer a Satisfaction Guarantee or get your money back!

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