Monitoring Software Reviews: The Best in Computer Monitoring, Parental Controls and Internet Filter Software

Best Parental Control Software

The Internet is a dangerous place for kids and teens these days. There are sex offenders using chat rooms, message boards and Instant messaging to find their next victims.

There are also many dangers associated with cyberbullying, online drug access and finding sex partners on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and others.

The programs listed below are the BEST of the BEST when it comes to parental control, Internet filtering and computer monitoring software. We hope it helps you!

WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Software

Regular Price: $169.95    Special Price: $97.00 (save 43%)


WebWatcher is our top-rated Internet and Computer Monitoring Software because of it's remote viewing features. Once installed, you can login to the WebWatcher website and view the recorded data from the computer you are monitoring from anywhere worldwide. This means you can monitor your kid's computer while you are at work or you can monitor your spouse's computer while you are on a business trip. This program is great because it can record all Internet activity, all emails (sent and received), chat and IM sessions, Facebook and MySpace activities plus much more. Click Here Read Our Full Review

Computer Monitoring Software

Spector Pro Monitoring Software

Regular Price: $169.95    Special Price: $99.95 (save 40%)


If it had the remote viewing capabilities of WebWatcher, Spector Pro would be our top pick. This is because it is hands-down the easiest to use of all the programs, yet is jam-packed with features. If you can play a movie on a VCR, you can work this software! The recorded data is displayed just like watching a movie. You can pause, fast-forward, rewind and more! It can monitor and record just about everything a person does on the computer too. Click Here Read Our Full Review

Spector Pro Computer Monitoring Software

eBlaster Remote Monitoring Software

Regular Price: $169.95    Special Price: $99.95 (save 40%)


If you want simplicity and a set-it and forget-it program, then eBlaster is for you! This terrific program allows you to install it on one computer and monitor the activity on another through email reports. It is incredibly easy-to-use and is especially valuable for those wanting up-to-date data in near real-time. It can monitor everything that WebWatcher and Spector Pro can, but it sends you the reports in an easy-to-read email format as events occur. Click Here Read Our Full Review

Spector Pro Computer Monitoring Software

Advanced Parental Controls

Regular Price: $49.97    Special Price: $39.97 (save 20%)

Advanced Parental Controls

If you want to schedule the computer use or Internet access for your child or children and you want the ability to closely monitor their computer and online activities, then you should consider Advanced Parental Controls. Click Here Read Our Full Review

Net Nanny Parental Controls

Regular Price: $39.99    Special Price: $29.99 (save 20%)

Advanced Parental Controls

Net Nanny is easily the most well-known, recognizable parental control and filtering program on the market. It has been around for a long time and has many fans. It is still a strong program, we personally favor Spector Pro, WebWatcher or eBlaster as our favorite. Click Here Read Our Full Review

IamBigBrother Spy Software

Regular Price: $34.95    Special Price: $29.95 (save 15%)


If you search for computer monitoring or parental control software, you nearly always run into this program. It is the cheapest of all programs...but there's a reason for that. You get what you pay for! Click Here Read Our Full Review

  • Monitor Kids Online

    • All of the programs on this page will work great as parental monitoring software. WebWatcher and Spector Pro are probably the best overall parental control programs available on the market today!
  • Schedule Computer Time

    • Use programs like Advanced Parental Control to schedule exactly when your kids or teens can access the Internet and what sites they can visit.
  • Block Websites

    • All of the programs listed to the left allow you to block certain websites by URL (like or and also allow you to block all websites containing keywords or phrases you designate, such as "sex", "drugs" or "porn".

  • Get Reports by Email

    • Learn Everything Your Teenager or child is Doing on the computer as it happens in comprehsive email reports with Eblaster Monitoring Software!.

    Total Remote Installation

    • You can remotely deploy and install Sniper Spy which means you do not even have to have access to your computer to start monitoring. This is great for discreetly monitoring your college child's computer while he or she is away at college.

Attention Mac Owners!

If you own an Apple computer or MacBook and you want to monitor someone's computer activities, record keystrokes and much more then you should checkout Spector for Mac.
Click Here for Our Full Review!

Monitor Cell Text Messages!

If you want to monitor your child or employee's cell phone usage on a smart phone, then you should really consider Mobile Spy. It can capture all text messages, call logs and more!
Click Here for Our Full Review!