Net Nanny Parental Control Review

netnannyWhen most people think of parental control software or Internet filtering programs, the first product that comes to mind usually is Net Nanny. This is because it was one of the first products to hit the marketplace and it has now been around for a long time.

This program is about more than nostalgia though. Net Nanny is still an excellent choice for parents who want to control the content their children access on the computer and the Internet.

The Internet has actually never been more dangerous for kids. Pedophiles now use the web as their number one technique for finding new victims and porn peddlers continue to find new ways to expose their products to younger audiences. Parents have to be diligent in protecting their children and that’s where Net Nanny comes in!

With this outstanding piece of software, parents can:

  • Setup certain times of the day when their children can access the Internet.
  • Setup time limits for the amount of time kids can surf the web.
  • Partially or completely block certain websites such as MySpace, YouTube or other sites you are not comfortable with.
  • Stop your child from downloading illegal music or software which could put you in legal trouble or harm your computer.
  • Monitor Instant Messages and Chats.
  • Monitor the Profiles your kids use and access on MySpace, Facebook and other networking sites.
  • Access all data remotely.
  • Plus much more!

Net Nanny is recommended by many of America’s most influential media personalities including Martha Stewart and publications such as PC Magazine.

  • Why Net Nanny?

    • You won't find a more name recognizable software for parental controls and content filtering purposes. It was the original and it still a strong contender in the marketplace.
  • Net Nanny Screenshots



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